Local Attractions in Pontianak

Photo of Sentarum Lake

The Danau Sentarum National Park is a national park protecting one of the world most biodiverse lake systems, located in the heart of Borneo Island. Local people call it as Lebak lebung (floodplain).The National Park is located in the western part of this basin, where three-quarters of the seasonal lakes occur. Approximately half of the park consists of lakes, while the other half consists of freshwater swamp forest.

Photo of Equator Monument

Among all the countries in the world, only twelve astride the Equator. While in the cities of countless in twelve countries, only one sitting right in this invisible line that separates the earth south of the northern hemisphere. Pontianak, West Kalimantan provincial capital - formerly known as West Kalimantan - has the distinction of being the only city in the world.

Photo of Megamall

Mega Mall is the largest shopping center in the city of Pontianak. Mega Mall is a family mall concept to provide all the needs of families in one place.

Photo of Kapuas River

Kapuas River is the longest river in Indonesia with a total length of 1,143 km. As a means of transportation that is affordable, Kapuas River can connect one area to another area in the region of West Kalimantan. And besides, this river is also a source of livelihood to supplement the family income by being a fish catcher. This river is home to over 300 species of fish.